Committed to a large-scale CSR approach underpinned by tangible actions, LOGIS HOTELS is working towards a greener hotel industry! All of the group’s hotels are involved in a local-first approach, favouring short supply chains and regional products.

In fact, the group and its members aim torespect the environment and take steps to ensure sustainable development.

These beliefs are reflected in the actions and tools already in place within the group

Our baseline commitments:

A minimum of 80% "fresh produce" and 70% "home-made” food in catering

Our 1st priority was to eliminate individual soaps (6 tons of plastic packaging/year) and replace them with a range of eco-pump care products

Install electric charging points across the chain, with more than 200 hotels already equipped and an ambition to become the leader by 2023

Supporting hotels through

the internal buying group: suggestions for reducing water and electricity consumption (the most consumed resource in the hotel and restaurant industry), alternative products to single-use plastic items, "Obligated Energy Savings Certificate" partners and committed suppliers who have signed our responsible purchasing charter

the internal training academy: training in eco-friendly practices (2021)

ADEME: the only hotel group to deploy the Sustainable Tourism Fund (#Francerelance) among the group's independent VSE/SME members, hoteliers or hotel and restaurant owners, located primarily in rural areas

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