Logis Hôtels group - Values and commitments

Working towards a
more local and sustainable world!

The group’s core ambition is to work towards a more local and sustainable world!

This includes responsible hotel consumption. Day in, day out, we promote individual entrepreneurship, local employment, short supply chains and local producers! In order to strengthen its commitment, the LOGIS HOTELS group has developed its own loyalty programme, which became ETIK in January 2020.

ETIK is a strong and innovative response to the calls of the vast majority of
French people, who want to give meaning to their travels and consume in a more responsible way.
By joining ETIK, the customer works to build a more local and fairer world by actively participating in a large-scale movement to support and develop the local environment and economy.

Here at LOGIS HOTELS, we:


the local economy by favouring local producers and craftsmen


local employment by training young apprentices in their trades


local areas by showcasing local treasures


the environment by adopting eco-friendly practices within the hotels

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